Shinsekai Yori, From the New World – First Impressions

2 Oct


Short Synopsis: The Main Characters has powers, or telekenesis i’d say.
As I was watch the first couple of minutes of the episode, I just can’t get the fact that there is a ‘’creepy’’ atmosphere going on. And as I move on, I was shock on what is happening. Bloods coming out, Heads bursting, People dying at the same time, and again lots of blood. But of course, that should be expected on this anime.
The first minutes of the episode shows some kids using some of their powers to brutally murder people around them. I was actually totally lost of words for a minute, then  after quite some time words is finally coming out of my mouth.. you won’t believe it but ‘’AWESOME’’ is the first thing I said. You won’t get why I would say Awesome just after seeing a gruesome and disgusting scene, but it’s  just my thing. I’m actually quite into bloods,killing,murders and such.  You might think I’m a horrible person, but actually I’m not. I’m really gentle,calm and quiet. Anywaaaay, enough with myself. Let’s get back to our topic.
   Art and Animation – 8/10 The Anime actually has a pretty neat art and animation and it definitely fits the atmosphere making the anime more interesting to watch, and for some reason. it kinda reminds me of spirited away. I give them a 7.
Characters – 7/10: The Main Characters are actually just some kids despite of having that kind of ”creepy” atmosphere going on. It should have been better if the characters is in their teens or in the mid 20s. but the characters isn’t that bad. They are quite interesting to watch and i do think they fit the part. but… I think that the characters have really BIG eyes.
Music – 7/10 The Background music fits very well with the anime and I think the Ending Song is really catchy.
Overall: 7.5/10 The Anime is really interesting to watch but for some reason, their are a few parts in the episode that aren’t explained clearly. I needed quite some time to think what is going on and took me a while to finally understand it. They should have made it clearer for the audience to understand. but still, i recommend you to watch this. An Anime to watch to open the Autumn Season with.

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