Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun Episode 01 – Summary and Review

4 Oct



Mizutani is a Bookworm and Having High Grades is her top Priority, She’s an awkward girl who has no friends because she studies all the time. She sits beside Yoshida Haru, Who’s a delinquent and rarely goes to school after getting involve in a bloody fight.

She was asked to deliver some printouts to him and that’s how the story began.

Yoshida Haru, who at first thought Mizutani was a spy , Insist that they are friends.


While Mizutani is on her way home from school, She was kidnapped by Haru and dragged her to some place just to show a stray dog he found by the river.. That ‘s where Mizutani mentioned not liking dogs/pets and  being called ‘’Dry Ice’’ by her classmates when she was young after not being a affected by a rabbit’s death.


Mizutani who realized that Haru’s friends are only after his money, told him that she would rather have no friends than have friends like them. After finding out that his friends are only using him like she said, Mizutani, who feels bad after seeing his sad, sad face decided to reprimand his friends and provides Haru a shoulder to cry on despite Haru being violent and treats everyone roughly.. He then agrees to come back to school and confess her love for her.


Mizutani comforts Haru by hugging him.

But ever since Haru returned to school, He’s been following her everywhere and distracts her from studying. And finally, she finds out that the person who has higher grades than her is Haru! After knowing that he is the first year speaker who did not show up during the ceremony, She became more hyped up than before and  tries to study her ass off and beat him.

The Upperclassmen takes her as hostage as revenge. And Haru knowing the fact that she was taken, he arrives to rescue her but ended up hurting Mizutani instead.

Midterms come, and she finally gets to be at the top, but despite ranking first, she was not entirely happy. She decided to visit haru to tell that she does not hate him. And they started hanging out again. Being forced by Haru to get monja, she decided to put her studies aside and get one. He then steals a kiss from her.


What?! A Kiss Already?! What a great way to end an episode ;D

Tonari no Kaibutsu is yet another anime I’ve been waiting to watch for and yet another great anime to start the autumn season with. The Plot of this anime is quite interesting and is definitely the type thing I would watch for.

Art/Animation 8/10 – I really dig the animation of this anime. It sure reminds me of La Storia Arcana Della Famiglia… and I have the feeling that the people who made this is the same who made Arcana Famiglia. The Characters and Art really looks the same. I give them an 8 😀

Characters 9/10 – I love the characters. The both of them are very interesting to watch and they definitely fit the part. A Bookworm and a Delinquent. What a perfect match 😀

The Lead Character, Mizutani is like a mixture of Maka from Soul Eater and felicita from La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia. Because of that, It made me like her even more despite her being a bookworm.

And Haru, Eventhough he is a delinquent and all. He really is smart. I did not believe it at first since he does not look like the type of guy. But he sure is. He made me get attracted to him even more. 😛 He’s Badass.


Mizutani really looks like a mixture of Maka and Felicita.


Aw, Haru is so cutee ;D

Music 8.5/10 – The Opening definitely rocks, and it’s really catchy too. Actually, I did download the song already 😛

Overall 8.5/10 – The anime really keep entertained me throughout the whole episode. The Anime really is funny and I just can’t take my smile off as I watch the anime. If you are into Romantic Comedy Animes than I recommend you to watch this!


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