Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shita! Review

5 Oct



Togashi Yuuta once  once a  Chuunibyou patient” an overly self-conscious middle schooler. . is hoping to start a new, normal life at his new high school, unsuccessfully — and immediately comes across Takanashi Rikka, a cute girl but who is still in the thrones of Chuunibyou. 



Another and Hyouka are one of the series that made me soo devastated after it came to an end. But after seeing Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shita I was Flabbergasted! I can’t believe what I just friggin saw. The two main characters reminds me so much of Oreki Hotarou and Misaki. It sure made my devastation go away since this anime is like a collaboration of my two favorite animes.

The Anime definitely had a great start.. I had lots of laughs and the episode sure did keep me entertained. The Characters gave me a strong impression to them and the lead characters are really enjoyable and interesting to watch. And as soon Takanashi Rikka stepped onto stage, I just can’t get the fact that the episode made it more and more entertaining to watch, and her eye patch… it’s so turns me on. Even though I’m a girl. LOL. But of course the anime wouldn’t be complete without Togashi Yuuta, The Male Protagonist of the anime. And with them being together and their comedic acts, it sure made my day. And Yuuta’s reactions and expressions to Rikka’s delusions are just hilarious. There were many moments where I found myself laughing out loudly at some scenes, especially where Yuuta smacks the hell out of Rikka.



The main characters are adorable, the chemistry and the weirdness going on between them is great. I really like how two of them connect and interacts with each other.

I’m also hoping  to see more of Yutaa’s weird acts and Rikka’s wicked eye.



.                                                       LOL.

Anyway, here are my ratings…

Art/Animation – 8.5/10: The Art is top notch. I like how the artists drew the characters, and to top it off  it was handled by Animation Do team. The same team who handled Hyouka.

Characters – 9/10  : The characters are adoraaable. I like how they were created and they kept me entertained throughout the episode. And actually, I never cared about the Plot, since I was more focused on the characters.They’re  the one that motivated me to watch the anime.Image

Music – 8/10 : The Opening and Ending are pretty good. And the Background music perfectly fits the mood.

Overall – 9/10: The Anime is pretty good and really enjoyable to watch. Lot’s of weirdness going on, but that’s one of the strong  points of the anime. The weird antics of the characters and their comedic acts makes it entertaining to watch. Another Romance comedy you should definitely watch. Just waiting for ‘’Say, I love You’ and I’m set. This season is going to be fun especially to all shoujo fans!

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