Zetsuen No Tempest Summary and Review

6 Oct



Zetsuen no Tempest is Another Pyschological Anime that will surely would blow our mind away like Death Note and Code Geass did. The Art is just truly Amazing,The Characters are Badass, The Battle scenes are epic and the movements of all the characters really brought them to life.



The Point of view begins with Hakaze, A witch who ended up on a isolated Island. Changing point of views, Takigawa Yoshino’s bestfriend Fuwa Mahiro went missing for a month, not long after his younger sister’s death in a Robbery Incident. Yoshino decided to visit his sister’s grave and while putting flowers he was confronted by a woman named,EvangelineYamomoto,a government “volunteer” who wants to know the whereabouts of Mahiro and questions Yoshino about Mahiro at gun point. According to the woman, Mahiro got involved with some serious issues that will inevitably put the human race in a catastrophic situation, and the Japanese government is desperately looking for Mahiro. Apparently some sort of “magic” is involved.




while Evangeline got distracted to the butterflies around them, Yoshino got his chance and throws her gun out of her hand, apparently Evangeline had another gun with her. So she pulls the gun on Yoshino but Mahiro
suddenly flies in and countered the attack using magic.



The Black Iron Syndrome, A physical phenomenon that turns all organic life into metal suddenly began to spread all over the region, luckily Yoshino is safely unharmed since he was with Mahiro when the syndrome’s effects hit their peak.



Fuwa Mashiro made a deal with Kusaribe Hakaze,the powerful mage know to man, inexchange for Mahiro’s help, he told Hakaze to use her magic to locate her sister’s killer.and then will kill the murderer with his very own hands.

Living in a world where magic exists is truly hard, Lots will experience moments where you just rather die than see
the world fall into pieces. Like this anime does, Having the world contaminated with a dangerous and infectious disease like The Black Iron Syndrome will really make you go GA-GA.and with those freaky rituals, agh, the agony! I rather remove all my organs than live in this kind of world. but if there were two really hot guys who’ll save the world, than what the heck! I decide to live after all just for the sake of seeing there adorable faces *-*

ahem,anywaaay. People avenge their relative’s death in different ways, Other tries to kill themselves, other kills innocent people and make them feel what their relative felt when they died, and some of them is willing to trade their soul just to have their wish granted, which is locating your sister’s killer and kill them with your own hands.but of course i won’t go that far. but i sure do want some magic powers. ahem. anyway, Had quite some twist at the end, I never thought that Mahiro’s sister was Yoshino’s girlfriend. He kept her photo on his cellphone and not only a photo but also the last text that he received from her.she always pretended she hated him but in reality it was his girlfriend. *shocked* aw. Yoshino’s taken :/ oh well. I still have Mahiro 😛

The Episode had an Impressive Start. Kept me hyped and entertained all the time. since Yoshino and Mahiro is too cute to handle.LOL. Enough with the fan girl thing. haha. This anime is totally a keeper and it sure handled my expectations. Here are my ratings for this anime.

Art/Animation 9.5/10 – The Art is Superb! This is one of the strong points of the anime. The Animation is high class and how the artist drew it, is just fantastic. I also like how the art is detailed too.

Character 9.5/10 – Like i said earlier, The characters are so badass. Two Pretty and sexy lead characters and a hot powerful mage.
What’s more?! 😛

Music 9/10 – Amazing Ending Song! It trully rocked.It also perfectly fits the mood. I give them 9

Overall 10/10 – If you loved Code Geass and Death Note, than i’m sure you’ll love this. Both anime have amazing art,decent story and have such badass characters. Might be one of the best anime of 2012. The Anime is just near perfect for me.This anime season will surely be a blast! and with K. My year will truly be complete.



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