Kamisama Hajimemashita 01 – Recap and Review

7 Oct



Who would have thought that just by saving a man you can earn a house and most of all turn into an Earth Deity. And making it more exciting,  you get the chance to be serve by a very sexy and beautiful man who turns out to be a fox demon. Nanani sure is a lucky girl!

Momozon Nanami’s father ran away and just got recently evicted from her apartment due to her father’s debts. While strolling around the streets and nowhere to go, She met Mikage, A man who is seeking help just because of a stray dog, Nanami decided to help the man and surprisingly the man not only kiss her on the forehead but he also offered her a home to stay as a token of appreciation.

While wandering around the shrine she then heard someone calling her name, believing it was some sort of ‘’ghost’’. She then trip and fell on the shrine’s floor, and their she met Tomoe and two other ‘’youkai’’ who believe it was mikage at first since the two youkai felt mikage’s spirit on her.

It turns out the kiss from Mikage is in fact a Seal. Inheriting his role as the earth deity and do various duties what a deity is responsible on, Like collecting offerings and weeding the garden. But, Tomoe didn’t accept the fact she was going to serve her and so he departs.

While being exhausted after doing the earth deity’s duties. They decided to look for Tomoe who Nanani just learned how much work Tomoe had done by himself all these years and realized that she does not fit the part of a Landlord God and an Earth Deity. So she and the two ‘’youkai’’, Oniki and Kotetsu went to the Ayashi World, A world residing between theirs and the underworld and where demons roam freely. But apparently they found Tomoe drinking and surrounded by fine women.

As she saw the scene in front of her,Nanani got upset and runs away but only to be chased by evil youkai who wants to eat her flesh. Oniki and Kotetsu then mentioned that she can make him sign a contract and make him obey her orders. However little does she know, for a contract to latter she got to kiss him on the lips, making her refuse to do so.

As she was chased by the demon hag, she decided to use one of her powers, but after failing to do so, she decided to use her last warding talisman to call on Tomoe, but too sad  Tomoe is completely useless and won’t even help her.

The sadistic tomoe decided to seat on top of the tree to experience the great sight of Nanani climbing on the tree to save herself from the demon hag. But apparently she chose a bad location to climb on and fall, and as Tomoe also fell with her she got her chance and gave him a kiss! Making Tomoe to obey her order and save her.

As I watch the first couple of minutes, Maid Sama suddenly came into my mind. Nanani quite reminds me of the Misaki.  And Tomoe. His sexiness and his voice definitely reminds of Usui… Making me wonder if the team who handled Maid sama, handled this anime.

The Anime had a super enjoyable first episode. Lots of hilarious moments throughout the whole episode and they did firmly establish the main character’s personalities. Not only that, the Art is neatly done and the chemistry and interactions between the both lead characters are great, making it more enjoyable to watch. I also think this story was really original. I had a good time in every minute I was watching. A Good romance comedy anime all right.


Art/Animation – 8/10 : Art is neatly done. I have no complaints about the Art nor the Animation.

Characters 8/10 : Both lead characters are unique and interesting to watch. And Tomoe… he’s super hoot *-*

Music – 7/10 : The Opening and Ending is Ok. But I really don’t like it that much.

Overall –  8.5/10: The First Episode was very lively and playful. Great Character Introductions and this anime is sure unique making it more fun to watch. I like how the episode played and this anime is sure a keeper. Recommended to All Shoujo Fans. If you liked Maid Sama, Then I’m sure you’ll love this.

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