K Anime Review and First Impressions

9 Oct



This new anime kicks off with a good start. K displayed high content quality along with stunning graphics. This Fall anime has great potential and promises to receive high ratings by anime lovers everywhere. The animation style is terrific and the sound, amazing. As far as music goes, it’s is exactly my style, and it really fits the game,  The music is very catchy and I like how it perfectly goes along with the anime.


K kind of reminded me of the game called The World Ends with You and Persona. The Atmosphere going on between the Game and Anime is somewhat feels the same. The Character Designs and the Music as well.

The Camera Movements and how it was focus on the scene depending on the mood is great. I just love how they put much effort on creating those. I love how the ‘’Skateboard scenes’’ was very well made.


The Battle Scenes is just epic. The movements of the characters are very well detailed that it made it look more realistic. And as for the Characters, They got ‘’SWAG’’ A Bunch of really cool characters.




K. I really liked the Anime but the title itself is just to… Plain. I don’t how they came up with name, But there might be a meaning behind the name. I do hope so… I hope they didn’t just get the name by random. ‘’ Come up for a name of our Anime, Do it fast! Said the director. ‘’K’’ a man shouted. It was actually his response ‘’OKAY’’ but the director misunderstood and named the Anime ‘’k’’. It’s pretty stupid if you think about it. Kinda upset t about the title. But I’m sure they’ll reveal us the meaing of ‘’K’’ soon. It might be an organization,a program or something.



The Story is Set in a world where history has taken a slightly different course from the one we’re familiar with, K follows the story of a young boy whose life is caught in a psychic war between seven kings.

Ashinaka High School is known for its unique setting: the entire campus is built on an island. Yashiro Isana, aka Shiro, is having lunch with a cat on one of the school rooftops. After his lunch break, Shiro goes on an errand for his classmate Kukuri to prepare for their upcoming school festival, only to be chased by some intimidating-looking men.



I enjoyed the Anime but they should have given a little knowledge on what is going on.  I did not what was going on at the moment. Who’s the Girl from the beginning? Who the hell are they? Why is the girl naked and why can’t people see her? Those are some questions that are left unanswered on the first episode. But I do hope they’ll tell what going on later on the next episode.



I think I have already mentioned my ratings.. well, opinions about the art,character and music. So I won’t be writing much. Anyway…

Art/Animation 9.5/10 – The Art and Animation is both Impressive. You can really see that the Artist put much effort on his work.

Characters 9/10 –  Like I said earlier, They got ’’SWAG’’ A bunch of Cool looking Characters. They have a Gangster kind of feel.

Music: A mix of Hip Hop,techno and such. Perfectly fits the mood.

Overall 10/10: Overall, The Anime is near perfect.

The Characters are great, The story is decent, the music is catchy and the art and animation is top notch. What else are you looking for in an anime? I highly recommend you to watch this. Kept me entertained and hyped throughout the whole episode. Looking forward for the next episode 😀



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