BTOOOM! Review and First Impressions

10 Oct



 This Anime Basically reminds me of Battle Royale/The Hunger Games. Players are chosen and is placed in an isolated island and the only way to escape and survive is to kill each other. But of course in this game, the only weapon they could use is Bombs. Players are given a variety of BIMS — Different types of bombs. A bomb that explodes upon impact, a timer bomb and etc.

This is also quite similar to the Anime Sword Art Online, But Btooom! is real and SAO is virtual reality.

This is Another anime that involves on playing videos games and is suddenly forced to play the game in real life in a life or death situation. Recently, They’ve been making animes with this kind of plot and story. Such as Sword Art Online and Accel World.

It would’ve been better if they’ve ended SAO and Accel world before making it. But that aside, I really liked BTOOOM! It’s actually one of the Anime that caught my eye. Lots of people said negative things about the anime. But actually, It’s pretty good. Better watch it first before criticizing it.


The Anime is Intense and is pretty exciting. Btooom! is a bit deep and serious than SAO and accel world. Oh and, it’s a bit more mature since there will be erotic scenes later. *ahem*  just from watching the PV you could already see that there will be going on later that are not for the eyes of innocent young kids… What am I saying?! I’m also young myself. I’m still 15.

Anyway, The Art is Amazing and the atmosphere and animation going on reminds me of Death Note. Ryouta and Light looks alike too! Especially the part where he grins before the Opening starts.


The Story revolves around Ryouta Sakamoto, A dedicated NEET who only plays BTOOOM! a popular war game which you only use bombs. He also plays the game to escape his problems and the real world. He’s even an Ace BTOOM! player!

But one day, He wakes up and find himself in a deserted Island with no memory of anything and a bag of bombs and a strange crystal embedded in his left hand. It also did not take too long to figure out that someone is trying to recreate the game BTOOOM! in real life.


He then comes to realize that a man is throwing bombs on him. Ryouta is not really the brightest isn’t he? He also kinda sucks despite being an Ace.

.It took him quite some time for him to realize that the timer should be activated before throwing the bomb. He wasted three bombs, three bombs I tell you! I thought he already know how the bombs work once after it exploded right after pressing the damn button a while ago. And how heroic. He moves and looks perfectly fine after getting nearly killed by those bombs a hundred of times. The opponent also is really stupid, He just can’t aim the bombs properly, Ryouta is just short away from him. How annoying, *ahem* I’m just expressing my feelings and thoughts, ok? I have no hatred towards Ryouta , In fact I really like him, he’s cool :)) and I know he’ll get better after a while.



Anyway, Ryouta came to realize that he needs to fight back in order to survive, So he tricked the opponent on making him go to the location where he’s timer bomb is located and BOOM! His body took off and went into the sea. And then he meets a half naked woman in a waterfall and she tells her how she ended up in the Island.

Her story then continues on the next episode. I’m getting hyped right now! Looking forward to it! But it seems like there will be some ‘’nasty’’ scenes on the next episode just by looking the preview. Uh-oh…. Anyway…

My Ratings:

Art/Animation 8/10 – The Art and Animations is neatly done but there is really nothing special.

Characters 8/10 – The Characters are OK. But they did not actually gave me a strong impression to them.

Music – 7.5/10 : I really liked the OP, but the ED is just ok.

Overall 9/10: Had an impressive start and kept entertained the whole time. If  you’re into action type of anime. Then you’ll surely like this.



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