Code:Breaker Short Review

11 Oct



Code:Breaker isn’t really the best anime of fall 2012, well in my case. The Anime is quite plain for me. The Art and Characters are not bad but Both Characters and Art are pretty normal, Nothing special going on. But the Anime began to get more interesting at the end of the Anime. 



Sakura Sakurakouji the female Protagonist of the Anime. She’s good looking, good at sports and famous at school. She took Interest in a Guy named Rei Ogami a Mysterious man who just transferred from her school and The Male Protagonist of the series. She was interested to him because Rei is the guy she saw burning people alive while returning home. Though, Her classmates misunderstood and thought that she’s infatuated with him.



Sakura decided to visit the park where the incident happened and came across the famous gang in town. The G-Falcon. The Gang assaulted her and the Dog came to the rescue. But unfortunately, The dog was played and kicked like a ball by the gang leading him to major injuries.


Rei Ogami appeared at the park and disposed the whole gang like trash.


Did Rei dispose of Sakura?! Oh my. I don’t think so, since she’s the female protagonist of the anime. It would definitely suck if she died at the first episode already. But let’s see what happens.

Anyway. Here are my Ratings:

Art/Animation 7/10 – Not bad. Just average.

Characters 7.5/10 – Judging by the OP. There will be pretty cool characters that will appear on the later episodes. Haven’t introduced all the characters though.

Music 8/10 – Fits the Anime fine. I did like both the OP and ED.

Overall 7/5 – The Anime is ok I guess But it did not really keep me entertained until the few minutes before the end. But I guess that you still watch the anime and see it yourself. I may not really love it, but I think you’ll do.

 *Sorry for the Short Review. Only Anime that interests me a lot are only the one I make long reviews on. So be expecting Short Reviews coming since Im kinda busy too.




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