Suki tte Ii na yo ”Say I love you” Review and First Impressions

13 Oct



Ever experience such loneliness and thought that friends are really not needed in this world? I’m sure some people did. There are people who experienced friends betraying them and leaving them in such situation. People are too coward to get hurt so they keep their distance and won’t even think on making friends. But it’s really impossible right? I mean. Not having friends. There are lots of people who are willing to become your friends and accept who you are.  And of course LOVE is included.

Another beautiful and amazing Anime that would make our heart melt ~ This Anime had an Impressive Start.  And before even watching it, I already decided that this would be the best anime of fall 2012.It met my expectations and I was right.

This Anime gave me the same feeling that Kimi Ni Todoke gave me. Both the Anime had a similar feel and atmosphere going on around them.


Mei is a loner and does no talk much at class, but I guess that’s understandable judging by the scene from the start. She was being blamed by her classmates and even her friends for the rabbit’s death. Since then, She did not have nor even make any friends for a long time.

Actually, Mei kind of reminds me of myself. I’m not really a loner, but I quite think I am. I really don’t like being surrounded with lots of people and I’m quite alone wherever I go when I’m at school. But not because I do not have friends, It’s just because I do not have the confidence to ask them to go with me or I rather go alone. The other thing is that, We don’t really talk much at class. My classmates even sometimes gets surprised when they hear my voice and other don’t know how my voice really sounds like. But I’m much much silent than Mei. I rarely talk. I only answer yes or no questions. And sometimes, My teacher gets mad because I’m too quiet. I DO NOT LIKE TALKING. I Hate recitations and self introductions. But that’s how I am when I’m at school. I’m the exact opposite at home.


*ahem* enough with myself. Kurosawa Yamato is a cool guy. He’s kind, good looking and very popular among the girls. And what I like him is that he does not care about looks and body. Kind of rare to see guys like him these days. He’s so my type. Hate guys who cares about boobs and such. Thinking about it wants make to punch them. I’m hoping to see a guy like him one day…



This Story revolves around Tachibana Mei, A loner who has no friends. She kicked Kurosawa Yamato, A handsome and kind guy who is also popular among the girls, who she thought touched her skirt while going up stairs. Kurosawa being interested with Mei decided to go apologize in his friend’s stead and met with her. Mei apologized and Kurosawa mentioned him being interested with her and telling her that she’s the type of person she likes.


Kurosawa wanted to exchange numbers with her, but Mei who is not really the brightest when it comes to gadgets thought he was really serious on exchanging numbers, literally. Kurosawa decided to give his number and told her to give him a call. Mei then gave him a bunch of bandages for his hand.


As Mei Is on her way home. A man who at all times goes to the bread store where she works part time is following her. Mei being alone and realized that it is not safe. she decided to stop by to a convenience store to call her mom — unsuccessfully. She then decided to call Kurosawa whom she has no choice to call since he is the only contact she has.

Kurosawa successfully got on the store in time and gave Mei to eat as she was been there for a half an hour. Kurosawa thought of a plan to get rid of the man, Mei who has no idea what it is decided to go with the plan.

Who had thought the plan to get rid of the man… was to KISS MEI !!!


Oh my god. What a great way to end the episode. WOW. That was a surprise! The both of them looks perfect together. Can’t get over it… My fan girl meter is already over the limit!!!

This Anime kept me entertained and made me go *kyaaahh ~ * the whole time. The chemistry between them is great already.  The atmosphere and pacing are both well done, and above all, I had a good time every minute I was watching.  Can’t wait for the  next episode.

I’m proudly to say that this is the best romance comedy of fall 2012. Honestly, I really liked this than Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun and Kamisama Hajimemashita. But all of them are REALY GOOD! I recommend you to watch this anime especially to all Shoujo Fans.

This Fall anime has great potential and promises to receive high ratings by Shoujo lovers everywhere.

This Season is going to be a BLAST.


Art/Animation 8/10 – I like how the Animation perfectly fits with the mood. And the art, There’s really nothing special but I love how the artist drew them.

Characters 9/10 – Both the characters are very interesting to watch. The interaction between them is also very good. Love both of their personalities. They kept me entertained throughout the whole episode.

Music 9/10 – Definitely fits the Anime. Kinda reminds me of the Opening of Kimi ni Todoke. The OP is not too fast nor slow. It really sooths my mind when hearing it.

Overall 10/10 –  I LOVE THE ANIME. The Anime has a great feel and the animation and characters are top notch. Definitely going to continue to watch the series. And if you liked Kimi ni Todoke. Then I’m sure you’ll love this.



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