Tonari No Kaibutstu Kun Episode 02 – Review

14 Oct



Episode 02 is just as entertaining as the first one.This episode is packed of hilarious scenes and really heart pounding scenes that will make you go *kyaaah*. As per usual the chemistry and interactions between the characters are great.

A new member joins the cast. Natsume Asako, A Clumsy and Dumb Girl. But she’s really cute though. Her cloddish  just makes her more… charming. Her stupid ‘’act’’ makes it more fun to watch too. And even though she really looks silly, she’s really quite dirty. Literally. The scene where she says ‘’ I’m sure you have  noticed how cute I am’’ just right after barfing made me laugh so hard. WOW. She really had the confident saying that after barfing in front of them. LOL.



After that ‘’kissing’’ incident. It seems like Mizutani became more conscious and nervous around Haru. But it looks like it’s a indication that she is already inlove with Haru. Mizutani really is cute how she gets embarrassed every time ‘’that’’ scene pops in her head

Despite being violent and all. Haru sure loves animals. He would go far to hide a chicken underneath his belly to save a chicken from the rain. He’s really stupid, who would hide a chicken in their belly?! But if you think about it, Haru is really kind.


Oh, I forgot to mention that another character joins the cast. He’s a baseball player that goes with a nickname of ‘’Sasayan’’ After seeing him, I though he will be in a love affair.. But It seems I was mistaken. He’s only interested to Haru afterall. Plus. I don’t think he fits to be in a love triangle with Haru and Mizutani. I’d rather have the blonde guy ( The one with Haru and his friends at the first episode)


Mizutani finally confesses her feeling towards Haru. WOW. That was rather fast. Compared to other shoujo animes. The characters confesses their love at the end of the final episode. So this anime is quite different. I don’t what will be going on next but I’m sure it will end well.

It’s my first time reviewing an episode…so this review might not be that detailed or well written. So please understand. I do accept critism and advices too since it will help me get better at writing reviews. Anyway.



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