BTOOOM! Episode 02 Review

15 Oct

Continuing from the last episode.We are going to look at Himeko’s story and how she ended up in the Island. Himeko’s story was explained very well compared to Ryouta despite him being the lead character. Her past was explained thoroughly and clearly. And Judging from her past, We could see that she went through hell.

Himiko is just an ordinary highschool girl, She’s really nothing special other than being foreigner. Like what ordinary highschool girls do, She just go to school, hang out with her friends and sometimes play online games like BTOOOM! That how she first met Ryouta Sakamoto, not knowing what he really looks like.

One day, She invited her friends to her apartment where a famous band is also hanging out. Her friends went ahead of her since she’s going to stop by her place for awhile. As she arrived, She finds her friends naked on the floor while getting beaten and raped by the whole band. Threatened and scared by getting rape, She escapes and reports to the police what has happened. The whole band was taken to custody but her friends moves away after abandoning them.

After the Incident, She was thrown in the Island and was forced to play the game as punishment

She then meet three other players, A teacher who gets killed by the dangerous looking man and a fat guy who then rapes her after getting beaten. Himiko who knew that there’s no way to escape, she decided to use her bomb to kill the both of them. But instead the fat man runs off making her throw the bomb in the other way since she does not want to die alone. She goes to a nearby waterfall to wash herself and finally meets Ryouta Sakamoto.

This episode is as intense as the first episode. This episode also explained the current situation of the players and answered all my questions that I had before, Like how they end up in the island, how the player were chosen and such,.

Himiko should not hate herself from abandoning her friends since she can’t possibly beat four guys. She made a wise decision. In times like this it’s not bad to be selfish since your life is on the line. I bet if Miho or her friends is in her position, They’ll obviously made that choice too. I will too.

Judging by the scenes, I have a feeling that Miho sent her to the island using the letter that they were talking about before. The one where you write a person’s name you want to dispose of and receive 100000 yen. It indicates that this was the possible reason why people ended up in the island. It’s likely that Ryouta’s mom was the one who sent him on the island, If it were the case.

Oh, and ever since that incident happened, Himiko started to hate men. I hope that won’t get between Himiko and Ryouta’s relationship.


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