Kamisama Hajimemashita Episode 02

15 Oct

Kurama Shinjirou, A famous rockstar will be studying at Uchigami High, The School where Nanani attends to. Nanani is forced to wear a weird looking hood –to hide the seal on her forehead and to be able to attend school since its the condition given by Tomoe. Nanani is a big fan of Kurama until – He made fun of her.

Tomoe came with a bunch of foods for lunch as an apology on what he did earlier and to end what is currently happening. The second day came, and Nanani was able to go to school without wearing that weird hood given by Tomoe. But because of that, Her seal is exposed. As Nanani’s familiar, he has the duty to keep an eye on her and help her when trouble comes.

As expected by Tomoe. Kurama is one of the Demons who is after Nanani. Kurama is known as the Crow goblin. The two of them had a battle,but of course Tomoe overpowers Kurama. He then turned Kurama into a Ostrich. After getting captured again…Nanani is then told by Tomoe that he’s actually not human, He’s actually a demon who is after her.. Despite everything has happened, Nanani forgave him and took care of his wounds and looks like Kurama slowly falls inlove with her .

The Arrival and Introduction of Kurama Shinjirou is EPIC. I love how he arrives with class with music playing at the background. It looks like a arrival of a famous superhero rather than a famous rockstar.though.LOL.. But still… It’s awesome

And, his sexy voice, It’s just fits perfectly with his personality. He’s cold, but that’s really how famous stars are. And at the end of the episode. It seems like he have fallen over Nanani. I was hoping to see Tomoe get jealous after treating Kurama by Nanani.though. So I guess Tomoe’s feelings towards Nanani will soon to grow after a few episodes.


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