Psycho Pass Review and First Impressions

19 Oct



Before watching this anime, I read up on it. I read about the synopsis and story and It made it seemed like I would love this anime and that I should check this out. And As I expected, It turned out all right.

Honestly, I had a hard time reviewing this anime since it’s quite complicated to explain the story and situation. The plots are not straightforward at all and actually quite require the viewer to pay attention to fully appreciate the series. The viewer must piece together subtle plot points to fully understand it all, deep psychological with action all right.

The Anime is quite complicated at first, but as you move on, you’ll slowly get to understand it. Well, it’s a psychological anime after all.

The Anime takes place in the future. In this time and period, machines and devices can identify a person’s mental state and personality and if you are a danger to other people. Psycho-Pass” refers to a standard used to measure an individual’s being.


Now let us focus to the weapon the officers have. Dominator is a gun that can read the psycho pass of the target you’re aiming at. It’s safely released only when the target is a latent criminal. It’s pretty easy to use since it will guide and tell you exactly what to do. It is also very well protected that other than the valid user, cannot use it. The weapon is very well detailed and very futuristic-like. They did a great job explaining the use of the weapon. I’d like to have one, if I had the chance to.

Street scanners are machines scattered around the city and people who get walk pass them get scanned. So basically, everyone’s mental state will be scanned whether you like it or not. So people who is suffering from stress would not want to be scanned by them or it’s the end for them.

Like this guy…


It’s not quite bad to have a device which can read and identify your current state and personality since that would help and get rid of people who has bad intentions and who had committed crimes. But the down side is that, People who unintentionally get involves in a crime become stress over what happened and their current state will get affected. People with such mental state is subject to rehabilitation or punishment.


As for the characters. They did firmly establish the character’s personalities. Akane Tsunemori a rookie officer, who is quite naïve but who also has a big heart and do what she thinks is right. The first moment I saw her, I was a bit annoyed by her eyes, but I think It did quite fit her personality. The episode was more focused on her than the lead character so I was a bit sad since I want to see more of Kougami Shinya. A tall,handsome and mysterious looking man and the male protagonist of the show. But I know he will be in the spotlight on the coming episodes. As for the other characters, I’m still not sure as we weren’t provided enough info about them. But I think they’re all cool :>

Anyway, As a Pyschological and Mystery Anime fan. I enjoyed the anime throughout the episode. The Art,Animation,Music and Characters are top notch. And as for the Story and plot. Eventhough at first it is quite confusing, you’ll instantly get use to it and will be able to understand it once the story goes on. Still, this anime is highly recommended and this anime is definitely a keeper. Psycho-Pass is an anime you should keep your eyes on!


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