Zetsuen No Tempest Episode 02

19 Oct



This Episode has more action than the last episode had. Their use of magic is quite meticulous than other anime. So its quite interesting to watch. And per usual, The battle scenes are very well made that it made it quite realistic. This episode also brought the fact that Mahiro does not use real magic.


I’d like talk and focus about talismans, Talismans are like ‘’tools’’ to help you gain speed and power. So if you think about it, Mahiro isn’t really completely a Mage, since he also uses Talismans. for power. If that’s the case, then any one can be considered as a Mage just by using those.

The story is actually very complicated to understand when you first watch it, but as soon the story goes on, you’ll slowly understand where things are heading. But honestly, I’m still quite confused. Why did Mahiro hide the fact that he and Aika are going out. He still haven’t told him up until now after everything has happened. I sure do hope that there is a pretty good reason why he can’t reveal their relationship to him.



Mahiro knows the fact that he is completely powerless against his opponent, yet he decided to take the real mage head on. But it seems like he can do it even though he’s only using talismans for power. I’m curious how it will end for the both of them.

As for Yoshino, He sure acts pretty normal after seeing those bodies around the city, Normally, people would get terrified and depressed after seeing friends and people you know turn into iron. He has no emotions at all. But still… I like him 😛

And as for Evangeline, There’s something odd about her. She’s a normal person isn’t she, She does not have any powers nor she does not use any talisman. I’m quit surprised that she’s still alive and acts normally. If you think about it. She hasn’t turned into iron. Without magic or any talisman, She wouldn’t be able to survive and avoid the disease. But why is she not affected by it?… Probably it’s because she was with Mahiro when it happened. Not sure though, They should have explained it to us or something.

And about the deal Yoshino made with her. What was it anyway? I’m curious.

This episode has lots of mysteries that kept me curious. I’m also not sure where the story is heading but I’m looking forward for the next episode. And as for the music. The ED just can’t take out my head. 😀


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