K Episode 02 Review

21 Oct


K is one of my top picks for this season. Top Notch Animation, Fantastic soundtrack, Badass characters, Awesome battle sequence, In depth camera movements and Very Good Pacing. No Doubt that this will be one of the best anime of fall.

Anyway, I really like the characters. They got SWAG. But the lead character did not really impress me though. The way he was also drawn was quite different from the others. But with his personality and his mysterious background really interests me. He also kind of reminds me of — from eden of the east. They both lost their memory and they live a pretty normal life but little did they know, they are actually people who needs to be feared of.

The Background Music really fits the Anime. It’s a mixture of Hiphop,Electronic,Rock and such. I did mention this in my first review of K. But I’m quite disappointed to the OP and ED of the Anime. I was quite hoping for a music that fits the anime, like hiphop or rock. But oh well, The music is not really that bad.


I’m quite confuse about the naked girl. Yashiro and Reishi can see her but why can’t other people ?? Perhaps, They’re special or something. Anyway.This episode did had a lot of scenes that made me laugh, Their reactions are priceless too. The chase scenes is one of the best parts. Poor Reishi letting Neku make fun of him. Haha. But it’s awesome to see other sides of the characters. The chase between them was nonstop… and they just ended up eating breakfast together like nothing happened. Haha. Seems like they ended up being friends :> anyway, I’m looking forward for the next episode. I’m hoping the coming episodes won’t be getting to serious though… It’s better if they still include some funny moments once in a while in every episodes :>



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