Sukitte Ii na yo Episode 02

21 Oct



Sukitte Ii na yo is a solid romance. The Anime contains a wonderful cast of characters it possesses. From the lonesome Tachinaba Mei to the Popular and Handsome Yamato. Sukitte Ii na yo wields a group of characters that is both highly sympathetic and movingly real. They are endearing, compassionate and understanding people. And as usual, The Interactions and Chemistry between the characters are good.

This Episode is just as good as the first one, though this one has more ‘’ecchi’’ ( not sure if its the right word to describe) scenes than the last one. I never thought that there will be so much kissing scenes in this episode. As I watching those scenes it felt like as if I was the one being kissed since I really can feel the pressure~ they did a great job on making this episode :>


The relationship between Mei and Yamato is progressing really fast. Though I thought Mei is a type of girl who is quite slow when it comes to love and who does not want to accept her own feelings.. So I thought that it would take a while for her to realize and confess her love to him. But I was mistaken. So it looks like the rest of the story will be about conflicts in relationships and Mei having difficulties in school like getting bullied or threatened since Mei is Yamato’s girlfriend. It’s impossible for girls not to be jealous. They’ll do whatever they can to take Yamato away from Mei.


Anyway, Let’s focus to the characters. Asami who I first thought is a ditzy and annoying girl who would take Yamato away is actually a very nice and cheerful person. But Despite being cheerful and all, She has problems too. Other girl bullies her for having really big boobs and says that she uses that to get boys. I hate bullies like them. I want to punch them >.< But anyway, I’m glad Asami and Mei gotten to be good friends.


As for Nakanishi Kenji, He really is an annoying pervert. It quite annoys me how he would say that girl with large boobs is good. But of course, that’s only what a pervert says. LOL. It’s good that he is trying his best to protect and comfort Asamicchi, but saying with the bad choice of words + with nose bleeding after talking about boobs makes it worst. Lol. Anyway, He decided to confess to her and they have leave happily ever after. Haha. I never thought that Asamicchi would easily give Yamamoto up but she did and decided to go out with Nakanishi. Anyway, I’m happy for both of them.


There are rumors that Yamato has kissed all the cute girls except for the girl Arai, Who they say that she was the first girl he liked. Not sure if it’s true since he does not really show any feelings towards her. But I’m wondering why he still hadn’t kissed her though. Anyway, with that being heard. Mei became jealous and decided to stalk Yamato. Though her so called ‘’disguise’’ is pretty obvious. Haha. Yamato saw her and asked her why’s she there and why’s she following him. Yamato realizes Mei’s getting jealous and that Mei likes him since she’s been asking questions about Arai and such.



Yamato then kisses her like TONS of times. WOW. Mei is sure a lucky girl.. The kiss made it better since Yamato kisses her passionately. I just really can’t get over that scene over and over again. Best part ever! I just can feel the heat >,< * It’s getting hot* wooot~

This Anime Is worth watching for. If you liked Kimi ni Todoke you’ll surely love this. Though this one has more kissing scenes than Kimi ni Todoke. Making it more a lot better. Oh, wait. To think about it. Did Kazehaya and Sawako even kissed?? Hmmm.. Anyway, I highly recommend this anime 😀 Definitely a keeper :>


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  1. Nhan-Fiction October 21, 2012 at 9:26 pm #

    I’m a guy and I like this anime. :S (Almost a guilty pleasure of sorts.)

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