Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Review and First Impressions

22 Oct



This Anime caught my eye. Well, at first, I never thought of watching this when I first saw it, but as the days pass I’ve became curious and so I decided to download and watch it. Gladly, I did the right decision and I never expected that it exceeded my expectations. The Animation is great and The Characters have their own unique personalities making it a lot easier to distinguish the characters even not knowing their names.


So basically, this story revolves around Sorata Kanda. He loves cats and just can’t resist adopting the cats that are scattered on the road. He lives at Sakurasou, The dormitory for children with problems at Sorata’s school. So in short, a dorm full of crazy and weird people.

One day, Kanda’s senpai asks him to get and pick up her cousin, Mashiro, Who’ll be living at Sakurasou, who turns out to be a brilliant and talented artist, who just came from England. Things is getting better and better as Kanda founds out that Mashiro a brilliant artist, turns to be a pathetic human being who can’t take of herself, literally. Her room is a complete mess and can’t even clean and dress herself up without Kanda’s help.


Honestly, The first time I read the synopsis of this anime, I thought it was about a girl who surprisingly turns out to be cat and get taken care by the male protagonist then they both fell in love, or something like that. I know it sounds stupid but I did thought it was like that. Haha. But then I realize I was wrong as I read the synopsis again.

It’s not really that a surprise that some girls can’t take care of their selves. It’s quite common really. Some still can’t clean their own room or dress up by their own. But of course, it s definitely something that you need to be ashamed and get rid of especially for girls who are in their adult age. Though, Mahiro’s condition is a bit far too much. She won’t wear any clothes or underwear unless she is told so. She’s just like a little baby who can’t live without a mother. LOL.


The Episode is surprisingly entertaining. There were many moments where I found myself laughing out loudly at some scenes, and Kanda’s reaction to Mahiro’s actions is just priceless.

The main characters were swiftly established, the atmosphere and pacing are both well done and They did firmly establish the characters traits too. I had a good time watching them do their crazy acts.

I hope the next episode will be good as this one. A romance anime pack with great comedy! A Romance comedy Anime Worth watching for.

*Note: I wrote this review quickly as possible since I won’t be having any access to the internet in the next few days, so the review is a bit short and my choice of words is not really the best since I really did not take much time writing this. Hope you understand. Thanks 🙂


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