BTOOOM! Episode 02 ”Survival”

25 Oct




Nothing makes me more excited than to see a new cast join the story. This Episode also explains how Ryouta and the others ended up in the island and how their current situation is. Though this episode isn’t really exciting as the first one since it has less action.


This Episode continues where the first episode stops. Where Ryouta and Himiko finally met. Though, It seems like Ryouta is not really interested in her but only the food she had with her. Himiko finally come to her senses and leaves. Ryouta ended up chasing her since she has loads of food and haven’t eaten for days. He then came across another player – Their first meeting was really nasty – since Ryouta caught him taking crap.

Taira looks like a nice man but Ryouta shouldn’t be trusting other people too fast. You never know when something happens. He might be planning a really evil scheme and betray hijm. Though, He has no choice to team up with him since it’s the safest thing to do.


Ryouta finally began to piece the missing puzzle pieces on what really happened and how he lost memory thanks to Taira. Ryouta learned that were taken by a military aircraft and they were given the rules and guides of the game. Each player has crystals embedded in their left hand which is considered as radar for tracking people’s locations. It can’t be removed while you are alive without operation but if your heart reaches 0 the crystal will automatically fall out. Collect all 8 of them and you can finally finish and win the game. Even if it means they have to kill people.

Ryouta does not remember of all this since he encountered being stunned by a tazer while acting as a hero. He also seems to know who are behind this meaningless game.




Bags attached in parachutes were being thrown in the island. Seems like Food and other necessities are inside those. They began to hurry and locate the other bags as fast as they can as they are competing with other players who are desperate to have what is inside — meaning the players will kill each other.

As they were looking for the bags, They stumbled upon a little kid who is covered with blood. That is one hell of a kid. Judging by the OP, I do not think he’d be teaming up with Ryouta. It would be best if they don’t or else they’ll be in deep trouble.


I’m looking forward on what will happen next. Though, I sense they’ll end up fighting him or ended up running. Thought, running is the obvious thing they’ll do. Since I don’t think they have the guts to kill that little brat. Anyway, We’ll know everything as we watch the next episode. Can’t wait for next week.


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