Tonari No Kaibutsu Kun Episode 03

25 Oct



This episode is interesting than the other episodes so far, Haru’s love for Mizutani is really a different kind of love. Not the romantic way, and a hot guy appears who is possibly a twin of Haru might destroy Haru’s and Mizutani’s relationship… This gets more interesting as the episode goes on.

We continue from where Mizutani Finally confesses to Haru. I was surprise that Mizutani would actually confess her feelings, but she took it back and told him it was just a lie. and to my surprise, Haru was glad that Mizutani was lying even though she’s really not. I was like ‘’what?!’’


Haru’s pet is finally accepted by the school so they decided to build a chicken coop. Haru and — was very happy since they’ll be all hanging out in the weekend, It’s a big deal for them since they don’t usually do that kinds of things since they don’t have any friends before. I’m happy that they finally obtained what they’ve been looking for. The 4 other boys who have hurt Haru decided to have peace with him, I don’t why they had the urge to finally apologize to him, but oh well, I’m glad they got to be friends again and they were able to complete the chicken coop.


I was quite upset when I knew that Haru love for Mizutani isn’t really LOVE. You know, the romantic way.Turns out that Mizutani was the one who fell in love with him.. But she was okay with it as long Haru wants to be with her., I’m also happy that the two of them decided to start over.



As for this hot guy. Who’s name is Yuzan. He looks very like Haru, so we can assume that they’re brothers or even twins. I do not know why Haru was reluctant when he received the message that Yuzan is on his way, but seems like something happened between them. So he ended up staying at Mizutani’s house, which made her father very speechless. Bu sadly, nothing happened between them.

I’m so looking forward for the next episode since I want to know more about Haru’s brother, Yuzan. And how Haru and Mizutani will do in the next episode. I do not know what’ll happen next, But I do hope it’ll be entertaining as this one is.


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