Psycho Pass – Episode 02

27 Oct



This Episode has nothing special so far, Actually it quite disappointed me since there wasn’t any suspense or action throughout the episode, well, not really. There was, but I really don’t consider it as one. The episodes focuses on Akane, though all she does or talk about is finding purpose in life, which I really don’t care about. just kidding.

Psycho Pass looks like a great anime so it piqued my interest and waited for the anime to be released — Not knowing what the anime is all about, though, it still did caught my attention. but the only reason was because of the word ”psycho” Yes, believe it or not that was the only reason why i watched it. When i saw the name ”Psycho” what pops into my head is psychological, making me think it was under that category. I like Anime that is quite complicated to understand and need to think hard and solve the puzzle pieces to understand what is going on. Like Death Note,Code Geass,Ergo Proxy and such. And those anime falls into the genre ”psychological” so Psycho Pass was one of my top picks only judging by its name. Though, Psycho Pass which isn’t really much psychological exceeded my expectations and it turned out all right.


And about the Jellyfish Hologram Akane has, It would be awesome to own one. It can be an alarm, It can be a maid or chef, It can turn an ordinary apartment into a mansion, It can do everything! It’s pretty useful, but we shouldn’t depend on the jellyfish all the time, Since we might be considered as lazy if we do. Though, I think we’ll be getting one very soon, since we’re in this time and year. right?


Okay, the second episode was definitely not the best since it has no action compared to the first episode which is very solid and thrilling. Though, this episode quite explained the current situation and more about the characters real intentions and their personalities.

I learned Akane’s real intention is, like finding purpose in life. Masaoki who’s been a hunting dog in such an early age and Kougami who really has a big heart and is really not a bad guy who what we think he is.And As usual,The interactions between the characters are truly the best.


The conversation between Akane and Kougami was the most interesting so far. Their relationship is having quite progress and it looks like they both are slowly learning each others situation.

I’m hoping to see more of Kougami in the coming episodes since he hasn’t really been appearing much in the last two episodes and i really hope the next episode will be much more thrilling and entertaining than the last two. anyway, Stay tuned for more reviews.


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