BTOOOM! Episode 2 – Best in the World

31 Oct



This Episode is just Perfect! The Battle scenes was intense and Sakamoto was just EPIC. The Episode clearly shows that BTOOOM! is Truly Amazing.

 The Anime introduces a new character. Kira Kousuke, A 14 yr old kid who lives with his abusive father that led him to doing such gruesome and inhuman activites such as raping and killing women. Though he kills the women first before raping them. So basically, he’s having sex with dead bodies. disgusting…anyway, He managed to avoid being locked up in jail with the help of a hotshot defense lawyer — though, in exchange he was taken to the island and play BTOOOM! in real life along with the lawyer and his father. 


Kira is a really evil brat after doing all those kinds of things, though I do feel sorry for him since he was always being abuse by his father. It’s no wonder that it turned out that way. And am I the only who was glad that father was killed? I’m sure some people did. After seeing him grab his —- I really felt the pain. Even though I do not have one 😛 Anyway , He deserved to die.

 As for the Lawyer, When I saw him blabbing or talking trash about him, I was like ‘’ Why the hell did you told him that?!, Do you want to get killed?! I’d probably stay silent and just escape. He surely did make the worst decision…


The Battle between Sakamoto and Kira was awesome. The movement of the characters was great. Sakamoto accidentally damaged his head and made him think he was in some kind of game. He’s really awesome at that time. His skills is truly perfect though his bomb was too weak that kira did not die. – fail. Haha. Anyway, I wish his skills will stay the same after turning back to his usual self. Since i’ll feel bad for Sakamoto if he’ll just keep letting his brain damage just to keep his skills. Lol.


Anyway, Sakamoto was really kind for letting kira live and letting him receive some snack. Kira realizes he was fighting with the best player of japan and he was like ‘’Oh Yeah!!! ‘’ *ahem. Anyway.

 Kira was not that bad, Actually I like him even after all those thing he had done. Truth be told, one of the reasons why he piqued my interest was because he was voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki. The person who did the voice of Himeko from Kokoro Connect and Kurapika fro Hunter x Hunter. Once I heard kira’s voice, I already knew that it was Miyuki doing the voice ~ I just can’t get enough of her :3

 Overall, the episode was intense and entertaining at the same time. And judging by the preview for the next episode, It seems like we’ll be seeing Sakamoto and Himiko fight and Taira seems to have another crystal despite him doing anything. I can’t wait to see  who’s the other dead person is… anyway, Looking forward to watch the next episode. 😀


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