Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 03

31 Oct



Zetsuen No Tempest is quite complicated to understand. I myself was quite confused when I first watched it, though. I’m already getting the hang of it and I can already follow what is going on. It’s also amazing how it flows so well.

This episode is great and intense. The Episode was entirely focused on the battle between Mahiro and the Mage, The action is great and the battle sequence is impressive. I also love how they use magic without involving any wands or any childish effects.. Though I’m still a little confuse how magic really works. This episode also gave an explanation about the tree of life as well.

From what I understood their magic can only be used for defense and healing and restoring natural order of things, Though bringing dead back to life is impossible since it is against nature. They use defense as offense by just putting a shield on themselves and their weapons so that’s how they attack with it.

Anyway. Yoshino was amazing for learning things so fast and how him being clever and was able to save Mahiro from the Kurasibe guy. At first, I thought he was useless and he’ll just follow Mahiro around and be a nuisance, but no, He did great ~. Glad he could be of help…


As for Aika, It seems like that the person who killed her is a member of the clan, though, It’s not really surprising since I did expected that it would happen. Anyway, It’s too bad that Aika died so fast, I was hoping to see more of her alive,.

I’m still curious why Yoshino haven’t told Mahiro that Aika and Him were going out before. Hmm… And looks like Hakaze is suspecting Yoshino since he talked about Aika about bringing her back alive and stuff.

Anyway, The Next Episode seems interesting. I’m looking forward for more intense actions scenes 😀


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