Robotics; Notes Review and First Impression

1 Nov



Okay, Robotics; Notes is actually the one I’ve been anticipating the whole time after seeing the PV, It was the same team who created Steins; Gate which is my Favorite Anime and Chaos; Head which I Haven’t watched yet. The Animation was Top Notch and the Characters are pretty cool. I’m quite expecting that this Anime would be as good as Steins; Gate.

After seeing Robotic;s Note. The Anime really did not exceeded my expectations, I was expecting a lot more, It’s just pretty much centered around a club where they make robots and stuff and they did not really show much on this episode, but I think it would get better and better once the story goes on just like steins; gate did, Honestly, The first episodes of Steins; Gate made me quite bored but when that ‘’moment/climax’’ came, It became a lot more interesting. Though, I think Steins; Gate’s story and plot is much more interesting and unique than Robotics; Note. Anyway, It’s still great.


The Technology is pretty awesome. A device called ‘’PokeCom’’ which reminds me of Pokemon xP, is very popular in the year where the Anime takes place. It’s pretty similar to the Phones we have now though it’s more advanced and a bit more Hi-tech. I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to have that kind of device someday :>


Anyway, The Female Protagonist of the Show is Akiho, Who looks an energetic and lively girl who is also a Huge fan of the popular anime show Gunvarrel. She’s a member of a club and their goal is to build a Giant Robot like in Gunvarrel, though only two people are members of the club.. Herself and another guy named Kaito who is a pretty laid back and calm guy who does nothing but play a video game called ‘’KILL-BALLAD’’  who is surprisingly ranking 5th in the world. He isn’t really showing any interest in participating with Akiho in building the robot and just do whatever he wants until someone beats him in the game which is pretty impossible…

Overall the Anime was pretty good, It quite started out slow but it would probably get more interesting as the episode goes on. The Interactions between the characters is great and I can feel that there will be some romance between Kaito and Akiho in the future episode. Just like with Rintarou and Kurisu.. The OP is Awesome, It’s pretty catchy and really fitted for the anime. Akiho quite reminded me of Rintarou too xD Anyway, I’m looking forward for the next episode! Hoping to see them already build the robot in action…


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