Sukitte Ii na Yo Episode 03

3 Nov


ImageDating is one of the things we experience in our High School days. We always take a lot of time just to choose what dress to wear and what make up that suits us. We’re always very excited and nervous that we even can’t sleep. Most girls, actually everyone, goes to the said place an hour earlier. But unlike Mei, She came late in her first date, though. She really didn’t consider as a date, and yet she worries too much on what to wear. Lol.

ImageAnyway, Mei’s inability to choose what dress to wear is cute also her mother’s reaction was hilarious! I actually can’t stop laughing after seeing Mei and her mom do some really weird pose. Haha. *ahem

So Basically, Mei just really wanted to get her hair cut, though, Yamamoto insisted that they’re in a date so having hair her cut will be done later… and after a little while, A wild Pokemon appeared! *ahem, I mean a new character appeared  who we can also see in the Opening of the anime.

Aika, who is also a friend of Yamato invited Mei to go bowling, and  I was really surprised when Mei became extremely serious when she held the ball, She’s so damn serious! She’s quite impressive for having three strikes in a row. Never thought she had that side of her…


Okay, I personally do not like Aika, She’s the worst. She had the guts to use Yamato’s kindness to have sex with her, though, I can’t believe Yamato would actually accept her request… I’m quite disappointed on him not just for kissing every girls in school but also agreeing to have sex just because she was sad.

I also was pretty shock after hearing things about sex and stuff, since I thought Sukitte Ii na Yo was supposedly an Innocent and heart warming story about love. From Kiss to sex. It already kind of changed my perspective towards the anime, I hope Mei and Yamato won’t get too far.

As for the last couple of minutes before the episode ends, Yamato brought Mei to his old school and then mention his past.and how he goes with large groups just to blend in and not cause any problems. It kind of explains why he kisses and have sex with girls, I guess He just wanted not to be hated by anyone.. so he do anything what other people want him to do.


Yamato  reminds me of myself. I just blend with other people and do what other people wanted me to do so people won’t hate me. I really hate that side of me, It shows that I’m a weakling. Me and my best friend always have arguments since I don’t do anything whenever she is being tricked on or laughed at. I pretty much have no confidence, and I just don’t want to be hated by the other party so I pretty much don’t do anything to protect her. I just hope there is a medicine to cure my current state.. *ahem, anyway. Yamato also mentions why of all people, Mei was the person he was in love… And after that, they finally kissed. Pretty much all episodes will have kiss scenes in the end….lol.

Okay, The episode was both entertaining and surprising. Though, The Anime looks like they’re rushing the story too fast. Mei and Yamato is progressing really fast too! I wonder what will happen on the next few episodes.


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