Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun Episode 04

5 Nov



Tonari no Kaibutsu kun never fails to amuse me. This episode was great and the introduction of the two new characters was smooth and engaging. and the anime’s not dropping in quality at all. The episode seriously gets better and better.


The episode continues where the last episode stops. We all know that Haru spent the night at Shizuku’s place. It’s funny how haru talks casually around shizuku’s father even after spending the night at her house. We also discovered that the ”Ghost” that Haru was talking about was actually his little brother. I was hoping to see him though i guess he’ll appear on the later episodes.


Okay, this episode is just adorable. We get to see Haru smile a dozen of times which is very cute. Because of that, Haru became very popular among
the girls and Mizutani finally gets the feeling of what is like to be jealous.


We then get to see the New Character, I don’t know her name but she really looks weak and fragile. I quite pity her for getting pushed around.. then Haru came to the scene. The guy who pushed the girl went flying as Haru beats the crap out of them, And just like that. His reputation as a nice guy disappeared. Though, Mizutani came to rescue before getting caught by the Principal. Alright, I really love how the two turned red after having both of their face close to each other. i was like kyaah~ Haru should kissed her though :DD And seems like Mizutani became more honest than ever and that’s what i like about her.



Alright, Now we get to see Haru’s Brother, Yuzan. He’s just as Handsome as haru though i think Yuzan is a bit hotter than him, *ahem, anyway. I have no idea why Haru keeps running away from Yuzan, seems like they’re really not that close, i guess. anyway, as Mizutani was on her way home, She was dragged by Haru who was surprisinlgly waiting in that area for the whole time. ” Haru’s brother is a little weird, although the little borther is more weirder ” sure made me laugh :DD as they talk about Yuzan, Mizutani finally decided to let Haru stay and smash watermelons with her at her house. She then directly told him to go on a date with her.

kyaah ~ I can’t just resist those two. Haru’s killer smile and Mizutani’s Blushing face :> I’d do anything just to see it again ~ I absolutely love this episode, and as expected, the anime really made the episode very
entertaining to watch. And i take back what i said before. I now like Tonari no kaibutsu kun better than Sukitte Na Ii yo ~

Can’t wait to watch the next episode 😀


One Response to “Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun Episode 04”

  1. shiizumi November 5, 2012 at 4:31 pm #

    Me too. I like Tonari No Kaibitsu-Kun better than Sukitte Ii Na Yo because of its uniqueness 🙂 The latter is very common nowadays in animes and in manga but this is the first time I saw something like Tonari No ~ It never fails to entertain me. And oh, I always watch every episodes three times !

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