Sakurasou no pet na kanojo Episode 02

8 Nov



Alright, We’ll be talking about Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 02. I know i’m quite late since the Anime already have 5 episodes. But, Oh well. Let’s Start.

This Episode was Energetic, Cute and fun to watch. The comedy continues to be great and the characters are very entertaining to watch,plus their personalities are quite unique. the voice acting in this anime is superb and their Jokes gets better and better.



The relationship between Sorata and Shiina is progressing quite fast as Sorata became ”Shiina’s” Guardian whice is really fitted for him since he’s the only who can handle and take care of Shiina.

I also love how dense she is and how she always say those weird things with a straight face. and Sorata’s reactions to Shiina’s acts are hilarious :DD and also, I love how Shiina is very serious on pursuing her dreams on being a mangaka.


The episode also reveals us the relationship and the current situation between Misaki and jin, who surprisingly are childhood friends. and Sorata’s friend Nanami who looks like who has a crush on Sorata since she became so affected after learning the ”relationship” between Sorata’s and Shiina.

Everyone has goals,ambitions and are thinking about their future, meanwhile Sorata does not have any and surpisingly shiina has one making him a bit devastated.

It’s quite a twist after he learns who Shiina really is, who is also surprisingly in a higher lever than him that he never thought she was.

I bet the next episode is going to be interesting after learning Shiina’s true nature, What might happen next? Would it affect Sorata’s Relationship with Shiina, would he be a bit conscious around her or will he be the same as ever? We’ll find out in the next episode. See yah~



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