Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de Review and First Impressions

11 Nov



This anime piqued my interest after seeing that the anime is based on nintendo characters such as, sonic,mario,zelda and many more. and as for being a huge video game and nintendo fan, this anime was added to my list. although, at first glance, it did not really impress me, actually i decided to drop this before though i decided to try watching it.

It’s basically set in a fantasy where a war between Segua and Ninteldo for supremacy in consume continent, yes, you guessed it. Sega and Nintendo. though, Sega, I mean Segua has been losing war against the Ninteldo empire.
Segua is now trying to win against ninteldo. funny, that they actually look like they are reenacting the console war thing between nintendo and sega, and with ninteldo ruling over the 90& of the continent, they’re like telling that Nintendo is basically more popular and stronger than sega, which is quite true. anyway.


To quickly summarize the first episode,Gear decided to join segua in their war against Ninteldo to avenge the
death of Til, his bestfriend. After arriving, he immediately got accepted in the army and was quickly added to
the country’s special forces. He then fought with Opal to prove himself to her that he is worth being on the
force, then they finally get to meet tejilof who will train and help them to rescue general alex a member of
the force who is being held captured in the Ninteldo empire.



The Episode had a good start though i can’t really distuingish what video game character they are portraying to
be though the Main character is most likely to be sonic. from his all blue attire to his ultra fast speed.
everything about gear just resemble sega’s sonic. as for his bestfriend, since gear is sonic he is most likely
to be tails. although, it’s too bad he died so fast. anyway, next is Nel, I’m not sure how they are related
though she seems to be her little sister since he call gear ”big brother”, I really don’t know who she is
actually portraying to be but she is seemingly a parody of nel from phantasy star II or Amy rose. not sure. She
also seems like she does not have any special powers at is Opal. She just have a Kid Icarus feel on
her. though i’m sure she is not a parody of him,anyway, she is likely my favorite character of the show. now
we’ve got ramses, not also sure who she is but she kind of reminds me of zelda? but i heard that she is suppose to be Columns. not sure if it’s a character or not. I don’t know :/ now the last one of the segua empire is Tejilof, he’s a pervert and he’s stick jokes is just hilarious xD anyway, he is inspired by tetris and seems
like he’s actually portratying ”it”


And about the guy from the Ninteldo Empire, From the way he looks, especially with his ”moustache” and all he seems to be Mario. After noticing it, i just can’t start laughing xD and his steed seems to be yoshi too.LOL.
Awesome pair :DD I’m not sure about the other guy -_- though, i heard he’s actually Link.

Anyway, This Anime seems to be getting a lot of hate, though, I thinks it’s not that bad. It’s actually quite
interesting and entertaining, though it’s not that really spectacular or anything. It’s missing a lot of things
and seems like things moved so fast, it’s like they’re rushing it. but oh well, i can understand that since the
anime will likely to have only 3 episodes. which is only aired every month. so i really think it’s not that
bad. i’ll just stick with the anime for a while and continue watching the series. I mean, come on. It has only
3 episodes. and plus, the comedy is quite great to keep me watching :DD

rating : 3.5/5


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