Psycho Pass Episode 03

15 Nov



Judging by the last episode, I was a bit worried since it quite slowed down on the second episode. Psycho Pass started out strong and it just slowed down making me change my perspective/opinion towards the Anime. but luckily, This Episode immediately changed my mind.

This episode gave a bit of a mystery/detective feeling which they did rather well. I’m a big fan of Mystery so this Anime surely did a great job. although i did not have any difficulties on solving who the real murderer is which is a bit disappointing, i was hoping for a more ”complicated” case. but still, they did a good job even it was a rather simple case.


 Shinya was quite the main attention of this episode since he was the one acting as the detective and solving the mystery. without shinya this episode would be nothing. so I was really happy as i am one of shinya’s fans :”> plus, i get to see his ”hot” muscular body. LOL. anyways, the action was extremely awesome 😀 I’ve been waiting for some action to happen so this really made my day.


The crime takes place inside a factory where an employee was accidentaly killed by a drone what people believe it is. They
said he was dismembered by a drone he was testing. though, i really don’t think it was an accident since it happened before, not once, but thrice. It’s was no mere coincidence. So it’s obviously a murder. but the Manager still insists that it was an accident. He really pisses me off for not stopping the fight between his employees -__- He’s not suited as a manager, he only cares about money and not his employees. anyway.





The plan of Shinya was extremely clever. He was able to reveal his true identity and lure him out from the building. I lol’d when shinya who to my surprise violently dragged him out from the toilet since i thought he agreed on just talking to him. LOL. Akane’s reaction was hilarious :DD anyway, the plan was extremely dangerous, crazy robots was chasing after them ready to kill and slice their head off, but that was the plan. i guess? lol. anyway, they were able to escape from the building and lure the criminal out, giving the chance to use their dominators and blast the guys head off. and boom! the plan rather worked perfectly. wow. That was really thrilling, I felt the intensity 0-0 but i’m glad no one got hurt except to the guy and the poor robots. LOL.


Shinya is badass especially at the beginning and later on as well. The Visuals and the chase scene was sick! It just shows that Psycho pass isn’t any ordinary anime, but an extremely awesome one! I’m loving the series so far. I’m looking forward for the next episode 😀 I’m hoping to see more of shinya’s perfectly hot body. LOL.

Quote of the day: ”Fools learns from their experiences while the wise learn from history”





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