About the Author:

The name’s Monica. I’m 17 years old.  I’m from the philippines but I was born and raised in a small arab country called Oman.

I  love watching anime! ANIME is my life! Plus, I’m into manga as well. I also just started collecting manga actually, so far I have 40 manga in my collection. not much though :(( I’ve watched anime since pokemon started to air. Early anime I watched were Pokemon,Yu-Gi-Oh,Digimon and Sailor Moon. I enjoy watching Mystery,Horror,Shoujo,Physchological,comedy anime the most.

I love playing video games.. I’m a hardcore gamer! I usually play the PS3 and Nintendo 3DS. Planning to get a PS4 SOON!
I’m more of a console and handheld gamer. Not much of a PC Gamer. sorry. I own a PS1,PS2,PS3,Nintendo Wii, 3DS, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance SP, PSP, Super Nintendo and Sega :))

Asides from being a Otaku, I’m also a traveler. I’ve been to different places around the world since i was still 6 months old. I’ve been to 20 different countries which are:

Thailand,Singapore,Malaysia,Philippines,Hong Kong,Oman,UAE,Bahrain,Qatar,Iran,

Pakistan,India,Egypt,Paris,Germany,Belgium,The Netherlands,Spain,Vatican City and Italy.

And in terms of music, I’m a huge fan of J-rock,J-pop and Visual Kei.

Actually, I never wanted to blog since i don’t have the best writing skills. I don’t like writing essays and poems. I suck at them.But i never thought that i would end up writing and blogging about my thoughts and opinions. Blogs like Random Curiosity is what inspired me to become an AniBlogger.


Here’s my TOP 5 Anime at the moment:

1. Steins; Gate

2. Code Geass

3. Death Note

4. HunterxHunter/Shingeki no Kyojin

5. Sword art online/Kuroko no Basket


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