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Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de Review and First Impressions

11 Nov



This anime piqued my interest after seeing that the anime is based on nintendo characters such as, sonic,mario,zelda and many more. and as for being a huge video game and nintendo fan, this anime was added to my list. although, at first glance, it did not really impress me, actually i decided to drop this before though i decided to try watching it.

It’s basically set in a fantasy where a war between Segua and Ninteldo for supremacy in consume continent, yes, you guessed it. Sega and Nintendo. though, Sega, I mean Segua has been losing war against the Ninteldo empire.
Segua is now trying to win against ninteldo. funny, that they actually look like they are reenacting the console war thing between nintendo and sega, and with ninteldo ruling over the 90& of the continent, they’re like telling that Nintendo is basically more popular and stronger than sega, which is quite true. anyway.

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