Kamisama Hajimemashita – Episode 03

29 Oct



Okay, I’m really not a fan of Shoujo Anime with Magic and stuff. So, Kamisama Hajimemashita is the first Anime that i’ve ever watch that falls in that kind of category. I was worried how it’ll end up, but to my surprise it was really enjoyable!

This episode was not as funny as the other two episodes But still, the episode was entertaining and enjoyable at the same time. Nanani and Tomoe’s relationship is having much more progress. And Nanani finally gets her first task as an Earth Deity.

The episode is cute indeed, with Himemiko appearing just makes the episode more lovable ~ The voice actor did a great job since the voice perfectly fits with Himemiko’s personality…and how a princess is expected to talk.. plus how she grinds her teeth is too cute ^-^

I love how she still continues to love the boy eventhough it’s quite impossible for a Human and Creature to be together. Though, I think it’s not impossible. Nothing can beat the power of LOVE ~ Haha. Anyway, To be honest, when I saw the boy when he was like 12 years old, I thought it was Nanani, I know it sounds stupid, but I did thought Nanani was Kotarou. LOL. So I guess I was mistaken again. Silly me.


Kotarou is a shy boy who is an expert on the rubicks cube and who looks very fragile… Though I admire for him for trying his best to save Himemiko. They really look good together. I do not know how long Himemiko will maintain her human form but I do hope that Kotarou would still accept her in the end. He should be…since she’s the only one who came to fall in love and understand him.

As for Nanani, I’m glad that she was able to improve very fast and how she is making progress with her deity powers. And looks likes Tomoe is slowly accepting Nanani as the Land God. The relationship between them is becoming more intense ~ :3

The End was adorable and I love how the music came perfectly before the episode ends.

Well, I’m very excited for the next episode! I wonder who’s the next character is… The episode was good so the next episode seems promising.

See you on my next review 😀



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